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Career and Job Opportunities in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with immense talent and potential.  Although Pakistan is facing toughest period of its history, the future is still bright due to large population, hardworking man power and committed citizens.

Benefit of Online Certification in Jobs and Career Moves
For individuals seeking job or willing to make a career move, U2Test.com has compiled a decent page to quickly give you the right choices to select appropriate websites. With U2Test.com you can improve your CV by attempting most demanding certifications for FREE, as well as plan your career. You will be able to include your U2Test.com Transcript ID for online verification of your certificates.

Selection of Appropriate Career Sites and Job Search Sites
Whether you are searching for career opportunities in Pakistan or International market, accessing right websites for job search and career opportunities will lead to quick and fruitful results. The top websites can keep your CV for better search facilities for potential employers. Having your account in top job sites will help you in receiving more career offers to make a right job selection.

Improve your CV
In order to increase chances in Job Search, one must update his/her detailed profile indicating strong points and achievements in career. This is highly recommended that online profiles should be maintained in websites like http://www.linkedin.com and/or http://www.naymz.com for more visibility in career market. These sites provide great chances as top executives prefer linkedin.com and naymz.com for selecting and finding key human resources.

Avoid frequent job switching
If you wish to be a demanding professional, you must keep in mind that frequent job switching may lead to negative impact on your CV. This will give a wrong impression on employers about your commitment and dedication. One must stick to the job for at least a year to leave a positive impact on employers.

Pakistan’s Jobs and Career Websites

·         http://www.rozee.pk/ [U2Test.com recommended site for jobs in Pakistan]

·         http://www.naukrijunction.com/ [U2Test.com recommended for jobs in Pakistan]

·         http://www.pkjobs77.com/ [U2Test.com rate it high among career sites and for jobs in Pakistan]

·         http://www.mustakbil.com/ [U2Test.com rate it high among career sites and for jobs in Pakistan ]

·         http://new.brightspyre.com/ [U2Test.com rate it high among career sites and for jobs in Pakistan ]

·         http://www.elogjobs.com/PK/ [U2Test.com consider it nice site for jobs in Pakistan ]

·         http://www.careermetro.com/ [U2Test.com consider it nice site for jobs in Pakistan]

·         http://www.workjunction.com/

·         http://www.jobs-in-pakistan.com

·         http://www.careerjobs.biz

·         http://www.jobsandcareers.org

·         http://jobs.careers.org

·         http://www.jobnjob.org/

International Jobs and Career Websites – Gulf Region

·         http://www.monstergulf.com/  [U2Test.com recommended career site and for jobs in gulf]

·         http://www.naukrigulf.com/ [U2Test.com recommended career site and for jobs in gulf]

·         http://www.bayt.com/en/uae/ [U2Test.com recommended career site and jobs in gulf]

·         http://www.gulftalent.com/home/index.php [U2Test.com consider it a nice site for jobs in gulf ]

·         http://jobs.theemiratesnetwork.com/ [U2Test.com consider it a nice site for jobs in gulf ]

·         http://gulf.jobs-career-listing.com/

·         http://www.recruitgulf.com/

·         http://www.gnads4u.com [Gulf News fairly active jobs classified ]

·         http://dubai.dubizzle.com/jobs/

International Jobs and Career Websites – Worldwide

·         www.monster.com Recommended Site for Career and International Jobs

·         www.careerbuilder.com

·         http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/

·         www.TweetMyJobs.com

·         www.craigslist.org

·         www.linkedin.com

·         http://www.execu-search.com/

·         http://www.oodle.com/job/

·         http://www.ontargetjobs.com/

·         http://www.snagajob.com/

·         www.indeed.com

·         http://www.simplyhired.com

·         http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/JCP/index.html

·         http://www.jobster.com/

·         www.jobserve.com

Note: More website are being added to the list..keep visiting

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